Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Hot off the presses (if we had presses), here are the titles of some of the exciting episodes coming up on the second season of MLAATR!

Victim of Fashion
Mind Over Matter
DAF-y Draftee
Not-So-Great Expectations
He Be Doggin’
Humiliation 101
Robot for All Seasons
Teen Team Time
Sister Sledgehammer
Sleepover Mode
Dance Fever
Let’s Stick Together
Place of Her Own
Robot Wars
Designing Women

Not to single out some episodes at the expense of others, but... ah, what the heck. "Teen Team Time" is the episode featuring the characters pictured below. We just saw Heather's storyboard pitch for "Place of Her Own" today and it was hilarious. I'm also personally looking forward to "Armagedroid" a lot because that's the first one I wrote in house and it really pushes Jenny to the limit. But every episode has something to rave about, so keep checking in and I'll keep raving.


Rindesayu said...

Are there no half-hour episodes in Season 2? 'Cause you guys said you were doing 26 stories altogether in the 13-episode run.

XJones318 said...

These aren't all the episodes for the season, just the majority. And yes, 'Victim of Fashion' and 'Robot for all Seasons' are half-hours.

Anonymous said...

All right! That IS great news! However, I have something else 2 say...I know the writers of the show "My Life As A Teenage Robot" kinda manage this site and - oh yeah I gotta say something first... I haven't seen the very first MLAATR eps which r called "It Came From Next Door"/"Pest Control" n a looooooooong time and I was wondering (for lo: the request) u know when it will come on again cuz it hasn't been on 4 months and I'm not even exaggerating!!! Will u tell me the time and day that those eps will come on (if u can hopefully)? Please find out - 4 ME?????? :( :( :(

R.Radna said...

I didn't find out about "My Life as a Teenage Robot" until it'd already been out for about two months, so I've been trying to catch up (I stumbled into the middle of "The Boy Who Cried Robot" while changing channels, and that's how I found out about it). I've been looking forward to season two since the most recent new episode aired in February 2004. In my opinion, the show is a classic. I've never seen a blog maintained for a show before; cool idea.

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Anonymous said...

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Wonderful show, keep up the work.

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