Friday, August 19, 2005

IN THE BACKGROUND. Anybody ever stop to count how many locations there are in an episode of Teenage Robot? The average episode has 5200 unique backgrounds! Okay, not that many, but more than most shows. Watch Scooby Doo a couple of times and you'll see the same background 20 times in a row. Not only are we providing you with a higher quality show, but we're keeping background artists and painters employed, thus giving a well needed boost to our economy! All Hail Teenage Robot! Posted by Picasa


Cristina said...

I always liked the scenery in Teen Bot, it has so much color and texture to it. It really brings Jenny's world to life!

XJKenny said...

Indeed, background play an important part either in animation and comics. And MLAATR crew had done an incredible job in providing different background to suit the characters in all sorts of scene and situation.

Kevin said...

Teenage Robot wouldn't be a good show without great backgrounds, and the TR crew has incredible artist that design great backgounds.

You guys couldn't ask for better crew. Good job and keep making fantastic backgrounds!

Z-Lady said...'s been a while since I last commented.

Never mind...WOW! Teenage Robot has that many number of backgrounds? *squints at the pic for a better look* I love the magnificent job the artists did on the backgrounds! They're utterly beautiful and kick-A.

--Kay Zoe

CoyoteLoon said...

The beautiful, rich colors and strange abstract patterns and textures in the backgrounds were one of the first things that caught my eye when Teenage Robot first came on the air. Nice to see the background folks getting their due!

nwakeman said...


Glen Bosiwang said...

Now, this is something that MOST PEOPLE overlook: the artists' determination to create thousand of tiny (I think) beautiful paintings to make a single episode workable. I wish to give them the credits they deserve for they are truly the unsung heroes of the animation industry! (Err, do we have a special anthem for that if I may ask?)

- Glen!

Amanda said...

I sure love the background for "TEENAGE ROBOT"


nwakeman said...

I love the "Wakeman's underground secret vault" Scenes

Lychii said...

Wow. Thats a lot. Is that just for one episode? o_o

Jessie Winkler said...

Wow! Can you make a collage of all the different backrounds for Jenny's bedroom?

Amanda said...

I like the background scenes they use for the out door scenes.


The Great One said...

Again, thank you for a glimpse into the complex world of the background of animating a truly
wonderful show.

One thinks that once the stroyline is over, all that is required is animating the main characters and a basic background, ala the "Flintstones" or "Tom and Jerry"

There is MUch more, and the simple yet abstract background of Teenage robot, is unique and retro at the same time.

Kudos to all involved!

Amanda said...

I like the background for Jenny's bedroom.


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