Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time Flies

It's been several weeks since I returned from Japan and I have been meaning to post much sooner than this. Finally fed the pix from my new digital camera to my Mac -all 1400 of them! This is my wife and me on the Shinkansen from Himeji to Kyoto. Another bullet train is passing us by while we stop momentarily in a station. A totally accidental image but a great result.

Although I'll be paid through next week, this is my last day of real work on MLAATR. I mix the final show today. It's a good one and although there is no real series conclusion. It ends with a comical joke that could explain why things don't continue.

Alex and I will continue to post on the Roblog. He has been very busy moving to a new place but when he is settled I expect he will have some new treats for you all. I will try to post a few goodies as well before they kick me out of Nick.


Anonymous said...

i love the show it will be missed justice league is over teen titans ended all my favorite cartoons are gone now

something i always wondered about was that weird little shelf looking curve on jennys face near the far cheek

any chance we could get a hi rez of that one scene from the first episdoe where she was in space about to blast the asteroid with the laser and the array of magnifying lenses i think that was about the coolest shot ever especially the little one on her toe its was really cool how you recoloerd jenny due to the ambient lighting

tochigami said...

This day came at last...
It was early than expected...
I am very sad to be very regrettable.
I will not forget this show with Jenny forever.
Please also leave this blog forever.
I believe that Nick changes an idea.
Thank you Mr. XJWriter.
Thank you Mr. Alex.
Thank you Mr. Rob.

By the way, Oh! Did you go to Kyoto?
I was imagining whether you would come to Shibuya.
In this case, It was not found even if it looked for you.

Anonymous said...

The show should be released on DVD.

crashfourit said...

It would be great if the series was continued as a spin off. [sigh]

The Great One said...


I am curious about one last thing. You say you are working at Nick, but the show is produced by Frederator. How does that work?

Will you be staying with Frederator or moving on to a new studio? I was hoping to see a new version of Mina and the Count or something like it.

Another topic, close to my and my kid's hearts is what are the VAs doing now? I have been able to contact Candi as she has an email address, but no luck with Chad, Audrey, Cree, Moira and especially Janice. I know from the web that she is working on some new show for 2007, but she seems like such a private person that no one knows about her.

If you can contact her, please say that B G abd his two kids Shari and Brian really miss Jenny.

Thanks for everything

wichobot said...

Good pic! Japan is awesome.
OK, so this is "the end"...?
Not... yet...
hehehehe ;)
wichobot - www.teenagerobot.tk

Just wait some time!
(...you know)

Anonymous said...

You know what you can save the show Renzetti

Im what people call a master of cartoons i will give you an opportunitie to save the show

a crossover with danny phantom with animated hip-hop music

Just think about Jenny and danny singing hip-hop with cooler outfit, and new superpowers,it is a cool idea

My idea is that the Fentom family go to Tremorton to a scientist convention and the casper high ravens are going to take on Tremorton quakers but when Queen vexus and technus team up together vexus say them to take on Jenny with their technology and danny battles it but when Misty returns from space she notes that Danny was very similar to her boyfriend when the fentoms sam, tucker and Danny meets Jenny, brad, tuck, mrs.wakeman and Misty, they must team up to take on vexus

Here many ideas:
1.Danny battles Both possesed Jenny and The mind controled Misty after that he wins both Jenny and Misty

2.Technus take on the Cluster and kill vexus definitively

3.Both Danny, Jenny, Misty bring
Different customes and sing hip-hop
in the crossover

4.Jenny looks as normal but it brings large pants like sam from Danny phantom and also she had a shifted color palette. Misty brings the same look as in Teenage mutant ninja troubles BUT She is sleeveless from arms to wrists. Danny haves also the same look but sleeveless

5.Dash backster appears in a camego knocking down Jack the leader of tremorton team appeared in Grid iron glory

go to www.defaultcross.blogspot.com

You will find the reference
to Jenny s outfit.

Chazz princetone

XJKenny said...

Really sad and sorry to hear that.
I really do wish the MLaaTR show would keep on going. How I am going to miss it.

And dear Mr.Rob. As a fan, I would also like to send to you a fan art MLaaTR doujinshi as Tochigami did to show respect and say thanks to you, Mr.Alex Kirwan for making such a wonderful cartoon series.

May I know how to send it to you?

Seems like you and your wife are having a great time during at Japan, and is Mr.Alex Kirwan having a great time during his vacation?

Anonymous said...

I love the Show but...


NO Jenny & Brad ending up togheter? NO Jenny VS Vexus?

I don't understand...you know for months that MLAATR was going to be cancelled. Why didn't you write a FINAL EPISODE??? A DECENT FINAL EPISODE??? A SERIES FINALE???

I'm REALLY diasppointed Mr Renzetti. You have lost my respect (I know you don't care). Now I understand why the ratings for MLAATR are so low...

Dean Muphy said...

It's a shame the show has come to an ending, but here in Hollend the forth series has not yet finished. so i have still the last few episodes left (yay me!!) but i would like to ask one qeustion: will you be still doing stuff with jenny or in dutch: Yennie, or will she be shelved? and i was looking thruw the arcives of this blog and there is a lot of stuff that would just be soo cool to have is that all going to be thrown away. or sold (if sold i'de love to buy some stuff like artwork and cardboard cut-outs). well i wish all the best to the hole team i and have to wait till the end still.
Bye all and have a nice one!!!

R.Radna said...

Rob, thanks so much for teenage robot! It brought us all a lot of joy and it's a genuine classic! While it would have been nice for the show to have continued, as a fan, I'm satisfied with what we got to see of this fantastic show, and while it's regrettable that it's apparently over now, as a fan, I prefer to see the glass as half full.

I sincerely wish all the talented people involved in MLAATR the best of success in their future work. Thank you all so much for making this wonderful, wonderful show.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! This is my first time on the blog (writing)I'm from Mexico.
I really love this show and I'm very sad for the cancellation.
Please, the fans we can save Jenny on: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?Xj9&1

TOMAS said...


Anonymous said...

Hello everybody. I'm a Mexican fan of My life as a teenage robot.
I really love MLAATR, and I want to say that the best day of my life was when I meet Jenny.
Rob, thank you for create this wonderful show and Thanks everybody who make this possible.
Now I'm crying, I can't believe that cancel it.
My heart it's broke, devastated. But My life as a teenage robot, Jenny, always will been in my heart.
All the funny, nice and wonderful moments that I spend and spended with My life as a teenage robot I will never forget it!! I will never forget Jenny!!!
Thank you for make me happy.
Sincerely, Miri

Drivin' in my car said...

Yeah Baby!

TOMAS said...

you have exactly what it had mean I!,Miri...
Also i am mexican an i adore jenny too.. excuse me for my english

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous commentor who lost respect for Rob Renzetti: You should be ashamed of yourself. Rob Rezetti is one of the most respected men in animation. You obviously have no idea how cartoons are made. If you did, you would know that it takes at least six months to make one 11-minute show. Therefore, it would be impossible to plan a series finale or in your words - "a series conclusion". Also, who knows? Maybe MLAATR will live on and therefore a conclusion would hinder that. In closing, if you can't say anything nice, please - don't say anything at all.