Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blue Sky Jenny

A great fanart from Fernando Faria.
From the Author: "Jenny with a deep blue sky as a background.
Her shine and clean body, makes a good contrast with the old and
used eletric cables and poles. In the sky you can see two Sky Patrol
ships. What is she doing sitting in this high? you tell me..."


Shelltoon TV said...

The one thing I love about this picture is that it resembles an old fashioned World War II poster.

Sparkchu said...

Buy war bonds? :)

Manetoys said...

I dunno WHAT she's doing, but it turns me on ^^ If she's telling me to buy war bonds, I'LL BUY A DOZEN!

Fortiscule said...

This is probably the most beutiful fanart of Jenny out there. I really love how the two ships in the sky give the picture a sense of size, and regardless to say, Jenny's super hot in this pic. Wichbot's a really talented artist.