Friday, October 20, 2006

Double Pack!

Now you can watch Stage Fright and Never Say Uncle in their
original english language! Watch them!
Mac & Other Systems users: from now you can watch all the
episodes totally compatible in Normal Quality! (DivX video format).


Shelltoon TV said...

My muse! My muse!

Sparkchu said...

Playin' little miss intergalactic smackdown!

Videos look good wichobot, did you scrap the .nsv format entirely?

crashfourit said...

Where are you geting the english episodes?

wichobot said...

Yes. I took that decision after I got a lot of mails from people having troubles with NSV files.

Top Secret ;)

Anonymous said...

i wonder if there's the cluster eрisode in high quality... wichobot?

Sparkchu said...

Escape from Cluster Prime in high quality? I think that'd take up a ridiculous amount of bandwith!

I'd watch it but'd be huge!

wichobot said...

Escape From Cluster Prime...
I will try! ;)