Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Christmas Eps!

I didn't forgot the "12 Eps. of Christmas", so here are more:
Infectious Personality / Trash Talk episodes available here!
btw, I guess that The New Year would bring more stuff, so
see you on Jan. 1st. ;)


zn1 said...

Another cool eppies! Thanks!
I hope you'll keep going :)

The Great One said...

I say, witchbot;

I have gone to the site and when I click on an depisoed, NOTHING Happens!

I think I am missing a player or something, as MY PC recetnly had an aliment that needed repair.

Could you tell me whar reader/application the site requres so that I can re-download it?

Thanks awfully.


wichobot said...

Great One:
If you're using "Internet Explorer" you will need to deactivate the "Pop-Up Blocker" feature for watch the video window.
Or try to install the "DivX Web Player" from

UFOWIS said...

This has nothing to do with this topic. I just have to shout out "FINALLY," because my cable provider finally got nicktoons network. "WOOHOO"